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There is only one way to access our exclusive services By purchasing our Luxury Card!

Luxury card

Created for those ones who love to travel in luxury and absolute comfort. For those ones who, wherever they are, chase only excellence.


  1. Minimum top-up € 25,000.00 equal tu package weekend up to a maximum of: unlimited.
  2. Usable for life without any expiry date.
  3. Once the card has been reloaded, it will no longer be possible to convert the amount back into money. Your credit can only be used for services.
  4. A dedicated telephone number will be assigned 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.
  5. A personalized card will be printed and sent to your home in 20 working days, where a number assigned to your name will be shown above it for recognition and for counting the residual credit.
  6. You can use all the services we offer right from the first top-up even if you do not have a physical card, you will already be assigned an identification number linked to your person.
  7. You can access all services wherever you are in the world and wherever you want to go in the world.
  8. Possibility to make reservations on behalf of other people with the written and signed authorization of the nominal card holder.
  9. High priority on all bookings made even in high season for all land, air and water transport.
  10. Possibility of accessing the VIP areas of most of the world sporting events.

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Exclusive World

The most extraordinary experiences you can imagine are signed Exclusive Luxury.

Choosing one of our services means living a real experience, where the only thought you should have is to enjoy it to the end.
Everything is studied in detail and tailor-made for each individual guestin such a way as to make him/her feel at home wherever he/she will find hiself/herself.

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